I'm a passionate Technology Entrepreneur wIth my head in The Cloud, doing what I do because I love IT.

During the week I work as a Digital Strategist, an Online Business Coach, a NED and an MD. At weekends I'm just a family man with six kids who loves cooking, cinema and the great outdoors....and yes that's me in the picture, skydiving down under with my head literally in The Cloud :-)

I love my work in Technology and I love my life outside of IT!

I started my professional career in Telecommunications as a New Business Sales Consultant back in 1992, moved into Sales Management in 1997 (after closing £1m worth of sales in a month) then started my own Telecoms Company in 1999. I founded Futurcom (now DTX) with £50k of my own money and set about becoming a trusted ICT solutions provider specialising in mid-market, multi-site technology solutions. I grew that business quickly (using Search Engine Optimisation & Pence Per Click) from zero to £1.4m before successfully exiting the business through a trade sale. In 2002 I moved my attention online and did my first multiple six figure launch with FOCAS (Free Online Communications Advisory Service), a company that was recognised by PwC as having extraordinary potential, nominated by the CNA (Comms National Awards) for rapid market growth & contribution and later sold under license to BPL Media.

Between 2003 and 2015 I worked primarily as an Independent Consultant before setting up Digital Directive, a Pay Per Lead Digital Marketing Agency, in 2016. Around the same time I personally built and launched TOBIE (The Online Business Information Exchange), which has since evolved into the platform for my coaching services. Now, in 2020, after almost two decades online I'm excited to be sharing my knowledge working as Digital Strategist and Online Business Coach, helping other Small Business Owners compete online and secure more sales through cost effective Digital Transformation.

I’m naturally attracted to 'Go Givers' more so than 'Go Getters' and so I surround myself with believers and achievers, if that happens to be a description of you please feel free to connect with me as I'd love to learn more about your passions, mine are for #business, #technology and #people.

My journey has been far from plane sailing but over the years I've come to learn that business isn't about money it's about passion and as Entrepreneurs it's not our job to do it all but more our duty to get it done.

When people ask me to sum up what I do for a living, I say…

"I take ordinary ideas and help turn them into great businesses and I take great businesses and help turn them into exceptional ones”

I have many goals in life but my at my core I seek to remain active for as long as I possibly can, to experience life with complete financial freedom and to leave a legacy; as such my focus remains life/work/balance.

That's me, what about you? 

...oh, and one might say that I've been there done it and got the T-shirt so my advice to you is if you REALLY want to have, be or do something, don't wait because the time will never be just right. Start where you are, do what you can.

Having enjoyed (financial) success at quite an early age I later went on to lose pretty much everything I'd ever worked for, including my marriage, my home, my businesses, all my assets and most of my friends. They say that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and I'd tend to agree. After some serious realignment of my life goals and priorities, I'm pleased to say that I am now very well balanced, happier, healthier, wealthier and far more content than I've ever been in my entire life.

Go figure.

To your continued success...