Lesson 34 Chapter 2 Module 5

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Hello, I'm Neil Morecraft and this is Autom8 and in this module, we're going to take a closer look at our Klipfolio KPI dashboard. So we're going to dive over to Klipfolio. We're going to create a free account in there, and then we're going to connect to our tech up in preparation for our go live in just a few days time.

So this can be a bit time consuming and arguably, it can also get a bit technical. But I'm going to walk you through the process now and and we'll see how we get on. So first things first, we want to make sure that we're in our right Asana workspace. And in here, you'll find a link out to Klipfolio. So that's where we want to head first. And we're just going to come over here and click the get started button to create a free account and see what the software can offer us. So we need to sign up with Google. If you're already logged in that process will be pretty quick. If it isn't, you need to look in and then click that button, it says, and just keeps all our passwords nice and easy. Cause we never have to remeber them.

Okay, and then let's just go through the setup process.cI'm going to do this obviously, as if I was the founder of this business, you'd be doing the same. And the idea, as I said behind this Klipfolio dashboard, is that the end of this, rather than going in to the various bits of tech that you've connected up to get that information out, you've just got one central dashboard. So this is what it looks like when we're in there. And initially we're going to want to add maybe our first dashboard and then at a clip now, as we do this, you'll see that there all these different applications in there, we can click Google analytics is a good place to start that to our dashboard and at this point, just put in some basic information. So you can start to see that data coming through. Now I think when we need to connect yeah, again, if we're logged in which I am, this process should be pretty straightforward.

And then you start to see some information being pulled across into that initial dashboard that we just created. So this would all be exactly the same for you apart from obviously it'll be your data in there. Okay. And just update that. Okay. And that's it. Now you can see our simple, that was to get some initial data into this and and see our Google analytics data in our KPI dashboard. Ultimately what I'm going to do, and what I'll be asking you to do is the same thing with your analytics with your LinkedIn feed with your pipe drive account, with your active campaign account, and also with your other channels or your Facebook and that kind of stuff. If you want to track those metrics inside a Klipfolio I'm going to go through and do that process in the same way that you are now, I've added one, there's no point in you sitting there. What you me add all the others, I'm going to add all those others in and then want to come back to this video in part two this dashboard will be configured and I'll share with you some of the metrics then that I've got in there that I suggest you start looking at within your own business.

Now, if you do get to this point and you think you know, I've connected the data, but now what am I really looking at? And that's actually what I'm thinking at this point. Some of those metrics in there we're going to need adjusting, and I'm not sure how easy or hard that's going to be with a new account at this point. I might just spend a little bit of time just having to look through it again, an idea. But the reality of it is even when it comes to this point in my own business this is something that I would outsource. So I could effectively show you my own dashboard, but I won't want to do that for data protection purposes, but yeah, in the past. And I think probably even with this account, I'm going to go off to Fiverr.

I'm going to collate the information that I want to see. So I'm going to say, right, I want my LinkedIn account connected and I want to see visits and opens or something. With the Google data, I'm going to look at the number of visitors and the bounce rate and the time on site and ultimately the conversion in pipe drive. I want to see the stages of these deals as they come through as the leads come through. So I'm gonna want this information equally displayed in Klipfolio and then when it comes to active campaign I suspect the only metric I would really be looking at is subscriber growth. So I'll be looking at this contact information and looking at that new people coming into the top of the funnel, and then I'll see how that data is displayed and maybe look at some more metrics in the future.

So again, at some point you're going to get to see this dashboard because I am going to build it, of course. And at the end of it, I'll show you and explain everything that I've done, but for now go off, create an account with Klipfolio and connect your tech in the same way. And if you find it easy and say, maybe as I go through this, I'm going to find it easy. But if if I struggle, I'm going to go straight out to Fiverr. I've got to find someone on Fiverr that is Klipfolio expert and I'll show you just very easy that is to do a course. I'm sure that I can find someone here. Simply with that keyword, I would imagine it is quite unique cables. 

And again, of course, if I do manage to to find someone here that I work with and I have a good experience, I'll share that with you as well. Okay. So go off, do that. And I'll see you in the module in the next module. I mean, as we approach the end of this testing period it's all about execution and this is really important that we've got this data in it. So we know where our funnel is working, where it's not. So yeah. Enjoy doing that task and I'll see you again soon.