Klipfolio Part 2

Lesson 35 Chapter 2 Module 5

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Neil Morecraft and this is Autom8, and in this module, I'm just going to dive back into the Klipfolio dashboard and show you what that should look like now that I've connected the tech up. So, I know we left the last video with me just showing you how to do that. I just wanted to dive back in quickly and let you know what that should look like. So as far as your signup task is concerned, of course, we're in this spot here and there's some information in here if you need it. But Klipfolio now you've got an account. Your data sources should be looking a little bit like this. I'll be honest as I went through this, I realised that some of that was actually beyond the scope of my ability and it was taking too much time. So I dived into Fiverr and found this guy, there was actually a couple of gigs in there.

And I I reached out to both of them, but this was the guy ultimately, that one. And I can share his details with you now, in case you want to do the same thing. So let me just make sure I've got his profile up and you can see it. Nice and clear. And there he's okay. Yeah, this guy here. And yeah, I just gave him pretty clear, brief on what I wanted to do and I'll show you exactly what I told him. So it wasn't too complicated. It was just, just connect this up for me basically. So in the here, I just said to him that not I've created a new Klipfolio account is connected to my Google suite, et cetera, et cetera. There's the details you need, which was the API keys for pipe drive and active campaign. And then just said, look, you know, I'm just looking for a clean, smart dashboard to kind of get me started. So so he went along and did that and and that ultimately is what it looks like. And I'll just show you that dashboard.

So as I say, why don't you get your head around this? You might ultimately want to create different dashboards. I know, actually, as I've looked at this myself for the first time in a long time, I've realised that I've been taking my own dashboards for granted. And yeah, the guy that set that up for me initially I didn't realise actually hte complexities of that I've just been using it. But anyway, the the summary dashboard for this particular client, 186Kloud, and for you should now look a little bit like this. So once you've got those data sources connected, you can then start to just pick different templates, if you want for now, I've just dragged in a Google analytics data by channel. Cause I just want to see organic versus direct and make sure that that is tracking properly, which it is Google ads data.

Just with the key get data in there, the cost of the conversion, the click through rate, that kind of thing. Obviously this isn't live yet. But I know that that data is is functional. So as, and when it does come live, that date is going to be right where I need it equally with my LinkedIn account on this account. I want to make sure that that follow account going up and page views and page clicks. Again, I tend to dig deeper into that and I, and I may well do, as I start to see some of this data coming in and then most importantly, active campaign, I'm looking for a list of new contacts and then in pipe drive, I'm tracking the leads and the deals. So all that information is in there. That's brilliant. That's all I need to do. As I say, if you've struggled with the Klipfolio data source yourself, say it wasn't actually too hard, but it was actually just a bit time consuming then you might, as I say, when the dive out to Fiverr and find this guy yourself, if not configure that, make sure you're ready to go and I'll see you in the next module.