Lesson 19 Chapter 2 Module 2

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Hello, my name Neil Morecraft and this is Autom8, and in this short module, we are going to go back and have a look at missing letter. We're going to set up an account with missing letter, and then we're going to connect that with our social profiles and our website and get that out of the way now. So we don't have to think about it later. 

So you no doubt seen me and heard me talk about missing letter before you may have already gone off and created an account. I don't think so and assuming you haven't, we're going to go and do that now. So come back into your Asana workspace, make sure you in the right task and then follow the link to missing letter. When you get there. As I say, you've, you may have already create a free account.

If not, you can do that first and you can create a free trial. Ultimately, you're going to need a pay plan with this. I suspect you might get away with a free plan, but that's only going to allow you to connect to one social profile. And ideally, you're going to want to connect that to at least three the social profiles and maybe even more so when you hit that, the reason I'm getting this is because I'd already started that process. So when you come to missing letter, initially, there'll be a button in the right-hand corner that says sign up. And when you do that, it'll just take you through this process.

So you just put your company name in there and I've already connected this to my LinkedIn account. I've don't want to use my personal feed. I'm just going to change that and that just heads off and finds the information automatically. So I'm going to change that to 186Kloud and next time zones. Fine. Fine, fine. Don't need to worry about any of that. Keep all this as default. You can change it, but there's no point they've already done the hard work for you.


The author name as 186Kloud, because we want that coming across. Well, this is going to do is say when you post content on your website, your landing page missing list is going to pick it up. It's going to, I'm going to use some AI to read that post and then create separate drip fed notifications that is going to post on your LinkedIn, your Facebook and your Twitter. So yeah, we want to put 186Kloud in there as opposed to Steve, I think again, because I can see that there already might be that, that duplicates, but ideally we're going to build that as the, as a clinical trial, the me, and we're going to want to put 186Kloud. Maybe. That's not going to be as easy to find as I thought, maybe it is. And then these colors, if you know the Pantone reference put it in if not have an educated guess. So no for memories, not too far off, maybe, next.

This is just giving you the standard layout of what that's gonna look like. I quite like the simple ones, but they're all pretty simple actually, but I quite like that. So that'll do for now. You can again, change these later and that's going to do exactly what we wanted to do. So that's going to create short video. You got to watch that, that will tell you exactly now how to set the campaigns up, but effectively in that very short process, we've, we've managed to connect missing letter to the website. It's going to look out for those posts. When the posts come through, it's going to create a campaign for us automatically and all you need to do is approve it. So for now we can park that, put that to one side and move on to the next module.