Lesson 3 Chapter 1 Module 1

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Hello I'm Neil Morecraft and this is Autom8 and in this very short module, I'm just going to go over the support mechanism behind the course of what you should do. If you have a question or you get stuck somewhere and there's various different ways that you can communicate with me.

So the first way is that you'll find there are insights on the main site and on the site. And I'll show you where they are now. So you can go to the, and you'll find these various different articles. You can also get to that link through the resources here and often throughout the process, I'll refer back to an article and those articles are predominantly contained within this site. You'll also find a knowledge base on, and you'll need to join that site to access the, the content, but you can join for free.It's a fairly straightforward process.

And once you in there, this knowledge base is, is a lot deeper than the one in AskTobie. There's a lot of articles on here aggregated from lots of different sites. So in particular, if I'm talking about a specialist subject like SEO, for example, you'll see content on here from Neil Patel. And of course you've got the comments option on the bottom of the module that you're looking at now. So if you do have a specific question about the module, just use that comments box that will highlight me to my team and we'll respond accordingly. You can, of course, if you want communicate with us through the social media channels, we have a Facebook page and a LinkedIn page. And of course there are mechanisms on there. If you want it to use the the message facility you can.

And of course, if we're connected on LinkedIn, you can reach out to me that way, but fundamentally, the best thing to do is to use the comments box, if all else fails. Then you'll see a link to my Calendly and you can go to Autom8 support and pick a time in my diary where you and I can sit down just for half an hour and have a one-on-one and discuss whatever it is that you need to discuss. So you get 6 credits through this course, as you know, you can break those credits down into 12, so you could do half hour sessions. That means ultimately we could be talking twice a week if you need to. So that was it on support. I'll see you in the next module.