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Lesson 12 Chapter 1 Module 2

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Hello, I'm Neil Morecraft and this is Autom8, and in this module, we're going to talk about social media. Now you don't need me to tell you, of course, that LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are three of the biggest platforms where undoubtably it makes sense to have a profile. But there are some other ways that we can leverage social media really easily. So I'm going to talk to you a little bit about that and we're going to choose our weapon, and then we're going to look at brand continuity and how you can use one tool to very quickly get your presence out there. And then I've got to show you a very simple set and forget method. So choosing your weapon, as I say, ultimately, you want your content strategy to promote your content on as many channel channels as possible. And of course, like I said, that's LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.

But how do you do that seamlessly without having to create new content on each platform or going in and make a post and scheduling posts and all that kind of stuff. And in addition to that, as you can see here, there are actually over 500 more social platforms like buzz feed and Vimeo and YouTube and all these other bits and bobs, where if you've got a profile and you've got strategic keywords in that profile, you're going to get back links from all of those sites. And that's going to give you some SEO juice. So how do you incorporate which ones to use? Well, you don't, you use one tool and you hit them all. So on that note, we're going to dive over to Google and we're going to look at a product here called Knowem. Now there's a link in your Asana workspace to this.

You can follow that link and come here. And ultimately what you want to do in here is put in your brand name or your company name. So this would typically be, you know, your Twitter ID or something like that. And then you can check it instantaneously across all these social platforms. And that's going to give us an idea here of what's available and what's not available. Now, if you've already gone off and registered a LinkedIn page, I think, yeah, the Facebook page is available. So I'm going to take that. But by coming to this platform and using this for as little as, I think it's maybe a hundred quid or something silly like that you can subscribe to these channels. They will effectively create one profile and then distribute it across all those profiles. And as I say, now that we know exactly who we're talking to and what message we're trying to say, we can come up with one common bit of content, use this tool to do that.

And then that's going to create profiles across all those social channels, using the one single log in one single password. And that's going to be really good for your SEO juice. So that's Knowem, as I say further on in the program, I'm going to show you how to create and actually do that. But I just wanted to give you a heads up on that particular tool. And also then the set and forget methods.

So this product here missing letter is a really neat tool. And what it does is it connects into your website. So once you've got your landing page up, I'll show you how you can connect this into your website. And what that does is every time you create a new post, it's going to sync that it's going to pick it up. And then it's going to create automatically a drip campaign based on that content.

So it's going to use some clever AI, extract the content from your blog post, put it into 12, separate tweets as it were with hashtags and a little bit of content, little imagery, or pull from the blog posts. You don't need to do really anything other than connect this. And then when you've done that missing letter, we'll create a campaign for you. You literally skim over it, check it, click a button, and then it's going to distribute that content, not once, but 12 times over the course of the next year to all of those three major social platforms. So you don't have to worry about it. So the idea behind this is that you have one bit of content that we've found because we've done our strategy work and we know exactly what blog posts we're looking for. We create one piece of content, we post it on our site, missing that it picks it up and then it distributes it automatically on an ongoing basis to all your social channels.

So I don't need to tell you too much about social media. I'm sure you're full aware of what it was, but those two tools in particular are going to save you a lot of time and a lot of money.

So that's yeah, on this module, we're going to be moving swiftly into the task modules now. So get rid of them as we start to actually configure our accounts and dive straight in and get these things sorted out. I will see you in the next module.