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Lesson 37 Chapter 2 Module 5

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Hello, I'm Neil Morecraft and this is Autom8, and this is the last module in week five, where we are going to test everything. Now at this point we're obviously rapidly approaching the state. We want to be able to turn on our ads and start driving leads and traffic to the site. But before we do that, we want to make sure that everything is in order. And I'm going to run through exactly that right now. So in your Asana workspace, we're right down here at the bottom here. You can see the test, everything there's not much in here because it's all about opening up all your tabs and going through each one of these who are making sure that, all right. So what I've done as you know, in my business folder, I have these departments and then I put the various tech that I use in there for the 186Kloud, I've just created one bookmark and I've just bookmarked everything and leveled it up nicely.

And then I can pass that bookmark folder onto the client and he can have access to everything easily. And if this was you, I would advise that you put them in these folders because ultimately you're going to have other products and services like your accounting package and maybe your payment gateway and those sorts of things, which we haven't necessarily touched on and this clients. So go through that, make sure that you're all nice and tidy and then ultimately open them up and just go through and make sure that everything is functioning, right? So this is our search console. We can see that this is connected. We can see that there's traffic coming through here. We don't need to do anything more with that. That's fine. I can effectively close that down. Our analytics equally, we know that that is now connected up. I might set a goal conversion in here.

Now. I haven't talked much about goal conversion yet because the ads aren't running and this is actually the analytics and actually you can kind of get confused with the goal conversion. But goal conversion in analytics is going to say, well, if you want someone to go through a particular funnel and, and they end up with the thank you patient, the thank you page could be the goal conversion and then analytics who start tracking that data. So I'll show you how you do that. It is pretty straightforward, but as I say, you might not want to do it depending on what you put into your KPI dashboard and whether or not you want to see this metric in analytics or not. But if, for example, we just set up a new goal in here and say, book an appointment. That's fine. Continue. we can say Calendly because that's what I've called the page. Destination, that's fine. Destination of that page is Unified communications forward slash thank you. That's the page that is the goal conversion effectively. Don't need to put the value on or off, and there's only one way they can get there. So I could just save that. Now. It might mean that I've got to go and install some tracking code on the backend of the site somewhere. And if that's the case, I won't do that. Now. It might also mean because we've set up the analytics that we don't need to do that. In fact, I don't think we do so that goal is now in there. And all that's going to do in our analytics is going to show us this behavioral chart of people coming through the site and ultimately ending on that goal. And of course, it's going to give us you know, a number of goals that complete any one period of time.

So that's fine. Analytics is working fine. If you, if you want to, you can add other users to the platform. So if you wanted someone else to have access to this and manage it for you effectively, you can, but to be honest now say, now we've got this set up, right? Analytics is not something you're going to have to come back into often because we're more interested in the goal conversions from the ad accounts rather than the analytics and this data is already in the website. And I'll show you when we get there. And it was already going to be on our KPI dashboard. So that's fine. We can close our analytics down, Google my business. Now this is kind of worth doing, because they're changing this all the time and I know we've set this up, but you'll see when you log onto your Google, my business dashboard, that you've got quite a lot going on here.

They've actually got their own little website builder in here, which is not very good. And I wouldn't mind betting at some point they try and buy a WordPress, but until then you want to definitely ignore the website bit, but the services and the products and the photos and all that you want to do as much as you can. And I'm going to do a test with this one eight, six cloud, where I'm actually going to post the content rather than having it on the blog page on the, on our landing page. I'm going to post some content initially through my Google business page. And then we're going to point that content back at the landing page and just see where the Google picks that up as a preference, because it's been done through their own platform. And I suspect that that's probably the case and this isn't a bad little bit of kit from Google.

But as I say again, once you've done it, you don't really need to come in here and do too much with it. It's just a very top level overview of, you know, what's going on and whether people are searching for you and that kind of stuff. So that's fine. We're gonna come out of there. Ad accounts are just pending approval because I've linked that up to a bank account. And that just takes a couple of days before they come back and approve that. So these campaigns are paused. But I think actually I can probably un-pause them now, funny enough cause they're not gonna run without the without the payment details being put in anyone, as I say, I've then done those. So I'm going to resume those two campaigns. And that's gonna, I was gonna say is inactive because of the the payment terms.

So again, there's no point coming into that. We know that that's right. Our campaigns are set up and ready to go and everything is all fine and dandy. So that's good. We don't need to worry about mail. The reason I've left this open is if you've done this in the right order, you should just be able to either in your Google my business, you'll see that they're offering you an ad, a credit for your coupon, or you can just Google you know, free ad coupon or free ads credit. And you'll get a code come up now providing you, haven't activated your campaigns already in spent any money, which you shouldn't have done. Google will give you a code. And in this instance they'll double the spend. So the first 120 quid that we spend they're going to match.

And actually that spot on 250 quid or 240 quid over the course of the next month should be enough to get us a good indication of whether or not ads are working as we thought. So that's great. So as I say, you can't put that in until the billing details are in there because that has to be done. But that's worth noting and we'd come out of, there are already add is again, already up and running. There's no point me activate in this just yet, because of course it's not going to get enabled, but just double check that you're happy with all of that. And I am, so that's fine. Might just put a maximum CPC in there before I upload that the maximum cost per click is just going to limit you. So if there are advertisers that are willing to pay 10 quid, 20 quid, 30 quid, which sounds ridiculous, but sometimes they are, and sometimes advertisers don't realize, and they don't put a cap on it.

You might just want to do that. And I think probably, yeah, I'm going to put a capper, maybe I think I looked and it was maybe a couple of quid anyway. So if I put and make some clicking there, two pound 50 that's fine. And then I'm going to upload that to the Google ads and that's just gonna overwrite the information, but it's still going to be in draft. So I'm not ready to deploy that yet until the billing details are through and that's all fine and dandy. Now I've left this ranking coach in there cause you probably recorded one of the previous videos. I was kind of testing this product. Good and bad really. I mean, for me, no, it's not good enough because it just kind of, it's an all in one type thing and actually I've already got my Google, my business sorted out.

I've already got my ad sorted out. I don't need any web reputation type management. But for somebody in a small business, that's just starting out. That may be not as advanced. This actually isn't a bad tool I think is about 300 odd quid a year. So if you're going to use it, you've got to use it properly. If you don't, the alternative would be that you just use Uber suggest to rank your SEO. And you forget about this altogether, but what was nice about it is it did actually start prompting me and letting me know that there was stuff going on. So as an example as we started to do this SEO with the backlink outreach and we'd done all the onsite work almost immediately, we could see that we're starting to rank. So to come in on page three, that would be, I guess position 34 for that kind of term is pretty good and also courses keeping track of these others.

So yeah, I use new Uber suggest and I also use another tool. I've got lots of clients that I do this for, and they're a bit too complex for standalone, but for you, this might be worth doing. So say if you went through this process and you took a trial you may want to consider update in that trial and having that full time because yeah, actually all in one is not a bad tool. As I say, not, not quite complicated or not complex enough for what I need to do, but if you're just one business and it's you, and you liked the look and feel of it you may want to go off and do that. No one, we don't need to do anything with, we know that our profiles great. And they've been done. You might want to come back in here and log on just to get an idea of exactly where those profiles do exist because they, what w what they'll show you here is that, although we've claimed a chunk, initially, there's still a whole bunch that are unclaimed.

And again, this crosses over a little bit with that ranking coach, there is a backlink type facility in there for all of these free directories, and that's all that's doing, right. We don't want to necessarily have an account at Pinterest and use it at this stage. Pinterest actually is a good traffic source, but we don't want to do that yet. But we do just want to have a presence so that we connect to our brand and get the back links. So, you know, either do that through Noah, if you've got the budget, or you can do that through a ranking coach, you don't need to do that through both other than that we're done. So we can close that down. A missing letter is all ready to go. These two draft campaigns we're just put in there as Tessa.

I could see that it's connected. They are, I'm now going to have a bit of content done, but as I say, I am debating at this point, whether or not I maybe do two bits of content and post one on Google platform and one directly on the site and track that, but I'll let you know what I do. At this point, you just need to make sure that your missing letter campaign is, is ready to go to that. When you do update the content that creates that drip feed for you. As far as LinkedIn profile is concerned, we've done this now. There should be nothing you need to do with your LinkedIn profile, but you just want to make sure that, you know, everything is as it should be. And that ideally you've got your value proposition in here.

If you haven't got it in there, you've got it straight as you talk about yourself there, cause it's really important that that resonates the know close that down the sales navigator staff. Again, it's just making sure that you've got the safe search with an update on it. If that's what you want to do you can see this, guy's got lots of other searches. I wouldn't suggest you have loads going on. Just be really clear on who that demographic is and search for them and then create a lead list, as I say, in the same name, so that as you start to outreach and you start to engage with these people, or you can add them into the lead list. And actually LinkedIn's got pretty sophisticated with this recently in as much as they did an update, I think yesterday, which now allows you to do a lot more on your mobile phone than you would have done before.

So if you've got a lead saved in your lead list you can just kind of go through and you can call them directly from your mobile, through LinkedIn and make a note and that kind of stuff. And that integrates great with their own. I'll say their own CRM is not their own CRM at all. It's Salesforce is the integration that they prefer, and I think they integrate with HubSpot but outside, but you can't do a lot. But just as a little mini CRM system, probably presale, it's not a bad tool. And you'll get a better idea once you start to get some leads in there and you can see how potentially you can tag those leads or whatever. And that really is just down to you as an individual managing your own outreach. As I say, you can automate those things.

I don't really advise that. And it can be quite time consuming. So maybe you just want to hire an assistant or just a PA to manage your inbox. That's what I do. And that worked well for me. So I pick up the conversation when I need to. And other than that, I've got somebody that's just managing that, making sure that people are getting responses, but that's all good. We're ready to go. As far as the site is concerned now that's great. We are just going to do one final little test here just to make sure that everything is connected up as it should be. So I'm just going to put my actual email address in here, email me and walk When that goes through, we're looking for that to do two things there. You can see that that is working.

So that was already just a pick that information up and put it into pipe drive. And that's what I wanted to do. So I've set up a zap in here just to connect from active campaign into pipe drive. So if you recall that lead particularly magnet was connected directly up to active campaigns. If we come in there and just refresh this, you'll see that I'm going to be down here as no more craft. But what I also wanted to do, because I was using active campaign for the automation and I still do prefer pipe drive for the CRM. So there's the lead, just come in their lead magnet, smart guide. I want it to sync that information over to pipe drives to this is the leads. And I'm sure again, if I, yeah, so there it is.

It's come in as new and the reason it's come in news because I didn't put my name in there. So he's got my is coming in as a new lead, but it hasn't got the the data in there, but it's got the, you know, the user's opted in or whatever. And if I want to convert that to a deal now and put that I think I should already be in a, yet no more craft. If I put that in there, as example, put that in as test for that enters, you know, 500 quid or something you will see that that just quickly adds it to the pipeline stage. And that's what I want to do with this particular client in this instance. So when something comes from here, it's not a deal. It's a, so I want to come in, I want to see it come in as a lead.

And then I want to take that as a lead manager and put it into the pipeline. And that's clearly working. And as I do that, the final piece of the puzzle is just making sure that the Klipfolio data is right. So at the moment we can see that there's a bit of data from active campaign and from pipe drive, but I'm hoping that as I test this, now, this smart guy thinks should bounce up and and tell us that there's someone in the pipeline. So we know what it is other day two is working. Cause we connect those data sources up and we could see in there. But in particular now I just want to make sure that I'm getting that KPI data from pipe drive. And if I'm not, I need to do something about it. So actually at this stage, it doesn't look like that has pulled through which means I maybe need to troubleshoot that that might be a little bit of a delay with that information getting through.

So I'm going to check back in maybe five or 10 minutes. It shouldn't be any more than that. There might be a setting in Klipfolio that I'm not aware of the only look for that data you know, a few times a day or something, but I don't think that's the case. I think I should have expected to see that. So that's kind of a good example in a way that everything is working apart from the fact, I just need to make sure that this data is coming in here. So I'm going to wait for a little bit, in the meantime, I'm going to check the settings in that. But other than that, we are good to go. So we've gone through all of our tech. We know that it's all work. This is the end of week five. If you're in this position, you are in a really good spot.

Trust me as we move into week six and we execute this now, that's just about getting a regular content ultimately to the page to reinforce your SEO and then turning on your ad campaigns and managing those key metrics that you can see those leads coming through. And then depending on your sales process, whether or not that's online or whether that's you getting involved with a call or whatever, you'll be able to check, track those metrics over time and grow your business. So I'm really excited for you well done for making it this far. Week six is now upon us. That's going to be a really good week in as much as I say, we're going to activate these campaigns. We're going to start to see all that data come through. And now you'll see all of the hard work come to fruition as all of the dots kind of get connected and you start generating leads. So make sure you're in a good spot. If you do need me a calls, use the Booker a call on the right hand side of the the page that you're on now. And talk to me. So yeah, don't suffer in silence. If there's anything you need to know, book a call, let's chat about it. Let's make sure you're at the right point. And yeah, I'll leave you to it and see you in week six.