The Gig Economy

Lesson 9 Chapter 2 Module 1

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Hello and welcome, I'm Neil Morecraft and this is Autom8, and this is the last video in week one. This module is on the gig economy, and we're now just going to dive into Fiverr, dive over to Fiverr.  Join that platform, create a project, invite your team members if you need to, add your details and outsource something.

So in the last video you saw that we ended with that competitor analysis. We're going to pick up there and dive straight in and get this job done. So back into Asana, you'll see that we're now in this task here. And if you click in this link here, you'll see there's a link out to Fiverr follow that link and it will take you to here. And the registration process is pretty straightforward. So I want to use the email address that we've created, actually, you could have started in the Google then. First name Stephen, last name Kackett. I'm going to put that down as 1861. Maybe let's begin with a letter, maybe A186Kloud and then a password we'll just type in whatever you would normally use. Quite a lot of that. Just let it do its thing. There's the link to activate. And I'm just going to activate that account. Now if you've already got a Fiverr account you can effectively skip this. But as I say, there's some best practices in here that you might just want to take note of.

Small business. Just me, in fact two to five. Cool. This 186Kloud. Okay. So if it's tick these, it's basically just going to give you some shortcuts to those. I'm not going to worry about that cause I know what I'm after at this point, you can do that if you like. And at the moment there's going to be no one working with me on this project. In fact, no, there is. There's going to be Steven. Okay. We'll put, okay. Let's skip that after all. Okay. And we're now back into five or so, as I say, the gig that I'm looking for initially is competitor analysis.

Okay. And as I say, I mean, this guy is probably a good fit, but I'm going to do what I did before. And that is to make sure that I filter the right details. I'm looking for people who were good, but not that good necessarily. I'm not worried about budget at this stage. And yeah, I think really that guy probably it's the nail on the head. 27 reviews all good. This one's not bad considering the cost difference there. So have a quick look at that premium. Okay. Back up to that thought we could mark think I'm probably going to go back with this guy here. Now, as I say, you can save this guy, I'm going to create some lists and I've got to create this marketing list first and I'm going to save this guy in here and then ultimately I'm going to go and order, I think, which is probably just the the basic package at this point, standard.

And you can see from here actually, what it's going to give me there as well as some of the stuff that I've already done, but it's also going to go a bit deep on that. Tell me exactly their products and services, which is great. And it was also going to tell me their pricing and ultimately the type of people that they deal with. And that's going to give me just an even more in-depth view or whether or not they're the right people I need to be targeting. And of course, if I don't get the right information back, I might then do another lot of competitive analysis, but I would advise you to do the same dive in and get that bit of work done. And that's it. Week one done. I will see you in week two.