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Lesson 32 Chapter 1 Module 4

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Hello, I'm Neil Morecraft and this is Autom8, and in this final module of week four, we're going to talk about automated workflows. So we're going to use Zapier to do that. Zapier is a bit of middleware that connects pretty much any app with any other app. And then we're going to add a first app, and then we're going to talk about how ultimately you can start thinking about the zapping, everything, this isn't just email automation or marketing automation far from it. This is business process management and business automation. So when you think of a zap, it might be that you have an older taken that might zap a task for someone in your office to send a welcome pack or something like that. It doesn't have to be email related, but we're going to have a look at Zapier. I'm going to show you that platform. 

If you haven't heard of it already, we're going to dive in, have a look at the account creators app and set up so you can see just how easy that is. So make sure of course that to start with you are in your Asana workspace because see the links that you need are going to be in there. But assuming you aren't, you can head off over to Zapier, and this is their homepage. Now, before you log on, if you're not familiar with Zapier you might want to spend a little bit of time exploring this site or Google a YouTube video or something just to get a better understanding from them. You can also go over to the site. Now I was just said that, and I think I've got some information on there in the solution matrix. So let me just check if that's the case. I think that is the case marketing technology. Yeah. So there's a video actually on here on the Tobi space, if you want and a bit more information about Zapier and the bits and bobs that they do.

I won't watch that video now because that would be pointless, but you can go off and do that and see if you're totally unfamiliar with what Zapier does. But as I say, in simple terms, it connects one app to another app with a trigger and an action so that you can do certain things. So it might be that you've got a contact form on the on the website. And as someone does that, you want the information to go into active campaign, and then you want to notify someone and then you want to do something else and that kind of stuff. So that's what we're going to do. So let's dive into my Zapier.

Now I'm already logged in and when you do log in, you'll start to see this menu here. Don't worry about all this stuff down the side here. Initially we just want to go and make a zap, now depending on how you do this, you might want to connect your apps up first. So if you've got nothing in this, of course, if it's a brand new account, you might think, Oh, actually it makes sense to start with to connect your active campaign, to connect your WordPress site, to connect any other platforms that we're using, Asana, Calendly Facebook, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. And you'll see that a lot of these apps are free. Some of them do offer a premium service, do have to pay for it, but initially I'm pretty sure that you can get everything you need within the free plan.

And that's what we're going to do. So we're going to come up and make a zap, and we're going to keep this fairly simple for now. Cause I say, this is maybe your first zap ever. But once you get your head round, it, you're going to see that they're kind of quite addictive because you can start to really automate all of those things that become time-consuming, all of a sudden can become automated. And all you have to do is think about it once, map it out, put the process down on paper and then create this app, test it once it's working, it's going to carry on working forever. So we're looking for active campaign as our initial trigger. We're going to say when someone comes through the unified communications lead magnet, and I'm just going to get the site up so you can see exactly what I'm talking about. Cause there's two main calls to action. Ultimately, I'm going to zap both of those and in fact, a lot more besides but initially what I'm going to do is connect this form down here, wherever it is, this form here. So when someone submits this form, that information we know already goes into active campaign, what I'm saying is when that goes into active campaign, I want to get a little text message to say, we've got a new lead cause that's I like my phone game bing, I've got a new lead and that's a nice, easy way to say initially to set it up. 

So that's what we're going to do. So we're going to come back into here, active campaign, that's fine, choose event. Now in this instance, it's going to be when a new contact gets added, you can see that you've got all these various different triggers down there, which are all based on the platform that it's pulling it from. So new contact is added to list. That's exactly what we want. And then it's gonna ask me to select the account. I've got a couple of different  accounts. I'm going to have to connect a new one. And as long as I'm logged in which I think I've already done, this process should be fairly straightforward for me as it would be for you. We need the API keys. So I've got to come into my active campaign, which is here and come down to the site and go into the developer settings and just get those API keys and pop them in there. So we'll come out of LaPierre. Now we've gone into active campaign and we're just waiting for this to load. So I can see, actually I was in the wrong box. I'm looking for the developer tab oh there it is and then we're just going to copy this information as we did previously into our website, copy that over into the API key there.

And then the next one that be careful with this because it actually extends past there. So just make sure when you copy that you copy the whole thing. Cause otherwise of course it's not going to work but once that's done you see it just connects automatically. That's fine. And we can come back in here and continue to campaign three. I'm going to rename those And what I'm saying is that yeah, the set up trigger is coming in. This is going to pull from the information in active campaign. So if there's, if there's more than one list in active campaign, come into this and we look at it. Yes. Unless if you have more than one list in there, that's, you're going to see all of that as a dropdown menu. But for now let's give it to that one. I don't know why I've got that tab open as well. Like what was confusing me.

That master list is fine continue. And then it says, okay, once we've got that information now, what do you want to do with it? So we can test the trigger. And that's just going to make sure that the connectivity between active campaign and Zapier works. And it's just going to look for contact record. If it does, it's going to say that's fine. And if it didn't, there would be a flag saying there's a problem. And ultimately that problem could only be due to your API key. So as long as you've got the information, right, that's it, so that's fine. So we're going to carry on and then we'll say, well, what do you want to happen? So we've got a contact list added to that. What do you want to do with it? For this instance, as I say, initially, I just want to be notified that that's happening and I want to be notified via SMS message.

So Zapier have the SMS already pre-built into that platform. So all I have to do is say, I want to send an SMS message to my mobile number and and it will do that. So we can just literally go through this process. So the form number doesn't matter, it can be a random number. I think you can set it's actually comes from the same number every time. And of course, if you do that, you could save that contact in your phone. And I could set it up as a new lead for 186Kloud, for example, and then I can put in there, 'Hey Neil, another new lead has just been generated for Steven at 186Kloud and then a little bit of kudos for me.'

Right, so that's the message I'm going to get. That's fine. It's going to give me the first name, last name and email address. I can save these other options. But we're not going to get that anyway from that form. So that's just going to give me that data because of where this is coming from. If there was more data available, you could theoretically craft this message. So for other clients, for example, when I've got leads coming through and I've got a lot more data, so I've got name, phone number, price, type, all that kind of stuff. Sometimes these messages are to say, Hey, client such and such has just requested a price on so-and-so and has already been quoted X, Y, Z. So you can really start to see I actually, yeah, I don't need to get too much involved in that. I'm delivering everything I want. And then on from that, I'll then create another zap and on we go, so I can continue with that.

That's fine. And if I test that action now you might hear my phone go or maybe not cause my phone's on mute. There it is. And and that's just come through on my mobile phone. So I now know that works and that set up. So that's great. So at the moment, I'm going to just turn that on.

And as of now anybody that comes through the landing page that fills in this form is going to come straight through to me as a notification, as well as going into active campaign, as well as going into a sequence. Now, once we get to this stage and as say, if you, if your eyes are just been open to what you can do with Zapier, you're going to start to think of all the different things you can map power and zap in your business, and yeah, you can get carried away. So you don't want to create his app for the sake of it. But what you do want to do is start thinking about well, okay, how could I improve the efficiencies of my business by saying maybe when something happens over here, tell someone over there, or maybe when something you know, when you know, when I take an order who else might need to know about that, or if I've got a new customer, what more can I be doing?

And you can really start then to plan it out. I tend to use the geru funnel, builder software as a mapping tool to help me visualise that because sometimes it can be quite hard. And what you're trying to do is get that flow out on paper. So you can say, well, okay. Yeah. When someone comes through a lead form on WordPress, it goes into active campaign, it triggers it automation up here and say, Geru is great for that. So you don't necessarily have to use it with the simulator behind it. And as a revenue generating tool you might just want to use it as a visual editor. And as I say, I do that. So go off, create that first zap. You should find that pretty straightforward. Again, if you get stuck at any point use the comments box below to ask you questions or dive into a sign of, I mentioned me and I, or one of my team will come back and make sure you get the answer you need. And if all else fails jump on a call and I will help you personally. But yeah, it started to get excited. Now this is the end of week four. We're moving swiftly into week five and very quickly, this all starts to come together. So I'm really excited for you go off and do that task and I'll see you in the next module.