June 17

Invoicing And Time Tracking Made Easy With Ronin

You’ve probably gathered by now that my primary goal is to achieve a life/work balance and help others with small businesses to do the same. For this reason, I am constantly reviewing and investigating ways to automate or simplify my workload. One such way I do this is by using invoicing app Ronin (now a part of GoDaddy). 

Simply put, Ronin is a beautifully simple online invoicing and time-tracking web application. It is no surprise that it has helped tens of thousands of freelancers and small companies look professional with its easy-to-use functions. It has all of the features you will need to better manage both your invoices, your time, and other people’s time! In this article, we are going to take a closer look at some of Ronin’s functions and uses- and uncover why I use it, and, ultimately, why I recommend it…

Simple Invoicing Improves Workflow

Calculating invoices on hourly tasks can get complicated, particularly when employees are also contributing to those tasks. This is where Ronin comes in. It allows you to manage invoices for projects, tasks, hours, proposals, and staff in one app. A professional invoice can take less than 30 seconds to draft (which allows you to spend less time invoicing and more time doing what you love).

Ronin has many useful features that contribute to small companies’ workflow. This includes, but isn’t limited to, the following:

  • Being able to send estimates for work.
  • The ability to send invoices for both deposits and final payments.
  • Features to help manage project budgets.
  • A customisation tool to make the look of the invoice fit your particular brand. (Having your logo or business lettering on the invoice adds to your professionalism; it gives people confidence that you have authority in your particular industry.)
  • It’s ability to integrate with other apps.

Personally, what I like best about this software, is the last bullet point;  its ability to consolidate various platforms all in one place, at the touch of your fingertips! Ronin integrates with other apps such as Stripe and Zapier to take the pain out of admin for small businesses and freelancers. This allows clients to pay over the internet with a credit card and instantly receive payment confirmation. Furthermore, it allows companies to be paid faster than ever before!

Simply put, Ronin is here to provide software that helps small companies move like David but deliver like Goliath. It is suitable for anyone looking for an easy, affordable, web-based way of managing clients and invoicing.

Time Management & Tracking for Small Companies

Another key benefit of Ronin is that it allows you to keep on top of any tasks at hand. Clients want to be kept in the loop. They want information on how a project is being handled, and this is the app to be able to give it to them!

Once you have created a new client and entered their details, their information is then automatically added to the invoice. You can then create a project for the client, add tasks to it, and assign it to a team member. Once this is completed, you can then click the timer button.

The timer button means the clock is now running, so you need to get productive and earn your keep. Once you have stopped the timer you can add detailed notes on the task just completed. This keeps the client informed and again adds to their overall confidence and satisfaction in your deliverables. Furthermore, you can go back into the task and edit it, change the date, the notes, or even the time spent. It’s the perfect partner for small companies, and I encourage you to download it today!


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