May 20

Yoast: The SEO Solution You Didn’t Know You Needed

If you don’t understand SEO, then Yoast is the SEO solution that you need. That said, even if you do understand SEO, then once again, Yoast is the SEO solution that you need (you just might not have realised it yet). I’m all about recommending software that is going to help you to effortlessly optimise your site and its pages for Google.  As a Digital Strategist and Online Business Coach, I encourage small UK businesses to use a better application of technology to create more freedom in their lives. Yoast is one such piece of software that helps to do this. Ultimately, it will help to drive more traffic to your site, save time and boost revenue. And let’s be real- isn’t that what we all want?

So, what actually is Yoast? Simply put, it is a WordPress plug-in that makes SEO (or search engine optimisation for all those digital newbies) super easy, straightforward, and simple. It goes without saying that in today’s digital world, SEO is a critical marketing medium. However, it is a tough one to perfect for anyone less than an expert. That’s where Yoast comes in as the SEO solution. The plug-in sits in the background of your site and adds extra functionality and usability. For me, the best thing about Yoast is that anyone can get to grips with how to utilise it.

Do you use WordPress? And would you like to be discovered via the likes of Google by searchers looking for your product or service? If the answer is yes to both of those questions, then the answer is simple. You need to install Yoast SEO.

YOAST SEO: The SEO Solution

Yoast doesn’t just solve one problem. It is the SEO solution to a lot of problems. There are both free and premium versions of the plug-in, but even the free version enables you to:

  • Detect SEO issues by using its famous traffic light system. 
  • Improve your content’s readability.
  • Control what your site looks like in the search results.

And that’s just to name a few of its functions! Whilst there are other SEO solutions out there, this plugin is unequivocally the #1 SEO plugin for WordPress. That’s not only in terms of its features but also the staggering number of users. The paid version of Yoast also has:

  • A redirect manager
  • Multiple focus keywords
  • Social previews
  • Internal linking suggestions
  • Duplicate content check

SEO Blueprint

Yoast uses a simple traffic light system so that even those with very little technical know-how can improve their SEO. The red, yellow, and green signals of a traffic light are universally recognised as a way to show if something is good or bad, which is why it works so well as an SEO solution. 

This functionality is available for both SEO and readability scores. If you have a red traffic light, you can take the suggestions outlined to make improvements. The goal is to go green for Yoast, and the more you do it, the more it’ll be second nature to get a better score.

The readability analysis covers paragraph and sentence length, subheadings, use of passive voice, and a Flesch reading ease score. Furthermore, it highlights where to use more transition words and where to use less consecutive sentences. The SEO analysis looks at inbound and outbound links, keyphrase distribution, and keyphrase density.

In addition, Yoast also gives you the ability to edit the meta description along with the SEO title. This means you won’t have a random description chosen by google. You can now put exactly what you want in the meta description. Remember, creating appealing meta descriptions will increase your traffic, and ultimately improve your rankings!

In summary, Yoast is an absolute must-have. By ensuring that your website is both well optimised for SEO and as user-friendly as possible, you will be able to keep ahead of your competitors and, ultimately, thrive!


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